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Driver Your Name: Your Personalized Ride Experience

Tech Funding for Driver Your Name, a revolutionary app designed for drivers like Raymond in Sydney, offering a personalized and white-labeled driving experience for tourists.

Tech Funding 

1. White-Label Customization:

allows drivers, like Raymond, to have their own branded app, providing a unique and professional presence for Bathurst 

2. Driver-Initiated Bookings:

Unlike traditional ride-sharing apps, empowers drivers to invite customers to their personalized app, enabling them to select and book rides with a preferred driver.

3. Exclusive for Private Cars:

Perfect for private car services, Driver Your Name caters to drivers who want to provide a personalized and exclusive experience without being part of a ride-sharing platform.

4. Opening Market in Sydney:

With a specific focus on the Sydney market, Driver Your Name is the ideal solution for drivers like Raymond, catering to the unique needs of tourists seeking reliable and private transportation services.



How Driver Your Name Works:

  1. Branded Profile: Drivers can create their branded profiles, showcasing their expertise, vehicles, and personalized services, setting them apart in the competitive Sydney transport market.

  2. Customer Invitation: Drivers initiate invitations to customers, allowing them to download the app, book rides, and experience a level of service tailored to their preferences.

  3. Tourist-Centric Features: includes features that cater to the needs of tourists, providing them with a reliable and personalized transport experience in Bathurst.

Why Choose Driver Your Name: Tech Funding

  • Brand Visibility: Stand out in the competitive Bathurst transport market with your own branded app, available on both the App Store and Google Play.

  • Personalized Service:  empowers drivers to offer a personalized and exclusive service for tourists who seek a more tailored transport experience.

  • Customer Relationship Building: By inviting customers directly, drivers can build a direct relationship with their clientele, fostering trust and loyalty.

  • Ideal for Private Car Services:  is the go-to solution for drivers who operate private cars and want to avoid traditional ride-sharing platforms.

Join – Driver Your Name in Sydney:

Elevate your driving experience in Sydney with Driver Your Name. If you’re a driver like Raymond, looking to create a unique brand presence and offer a personalized transport service for tourists, this is your platform.

Get Started with Driver Your Name and revolutionize the way you connect with customers in the beautiful blue mountains. 

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