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At OCAYE, we are at the forefront of empowering tech visionaries. Our platform is where ‘Investing in Tech’ converges with ‘Getting Funding for Apps.’ We believe in the boundless potential of tech innovations and are dedicated to providing the resources and funding needed to turn creative ideas into groundbreaking realities. Join us on a journey of innovation, where excellence meets opportunity.


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Discover OCAYE’s ongoing projects that exemplify our commitment to ‘Investing in Tech’ and ‘Getting Funding for Apps.’ Explore our innovative ventures and the impact they create in the tech and app funding landscape.

Workoneer - App Funding



Revolutionizing how homeowners find tradesmen! WorkOneer’s reverse auction lets homeowners create project videos, get actual prices, and collaborate seamlessly with the lowest bidder. Experience efficiency, fairness, and transparency with WorkOneer.

offshore development - Web App Choice



WebApp Choice: Your destination for app and web development. Choose a local project manager, request a quote, and have the power in your hands. Your project, your way.

app funding sunshine coast



Scribe: Your ultimate gym trainer solution. Empower trainers with a white-label app for personalized training, video capabilities, and seamless communication. Bridge the gap between trainers and clients, bringing the gym to your pocket.

App Funding



Your Pets Transport: Revolutionizing pet travel with a customizable white-label app. Real-time tracking, secure payments, and stress-free pet journeys. Join the innovation that redefines pet travel

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