Welcome to WorkOneer, a groundbreaking platform that transforms the traditional process of finding tradesmen in the construction industry with the support of App Funding. Operating as a reverse auction, WorkOneer introduces a unique approach where the lowest bidder wins, creating a fair and competitive environment for both homeowners and tradesmen.

How It Works : App Funding

Homeowner Initiation:

Homeowners kickstart the process by creating a video introducing themselves, outlining their project requirements, and providing a visual tour of the worksite.

Video Review:

WorkOneer reviews the submitted videos, ensuring completeness and quality. Any missing information prompts a request for additional details from the homeowner.

Pre-Vetted Tradesmen:

Notifications are sent to pre-vetted tradesmen in the specified area, informing them about the upcoming reverse auction. This delay allows tradesmen to review the video and formulate their initial bids.

Three-Day Reverse Auction:

The reverse auction is scheduled, typically three days later. During this intense three-hour period, tradesmen submit bids, and regular updates keep participants informed of the bidding progress.

Homeowner Involvement:

Homeowners witness bids as they come in, adding an exciting element to the process. They have the option to interact, observe, and actively participate in the auction.

Bid Transparency

Bidders receive real-time updates, allowing them to adjust their bids based on the competition. Homeowners have access to finalized bids and detailed profiles of tradesmen, enhancing transparency and choice. 

App Funding

Lowest Bidder Wins:

When the auction concludes, bidders are notified of their standings, and the lowest bidder is revealed only to the homeowner. The winning tradesman gains access to the client’s details for further engagement.


Key Differentiators:

  • Providing Prices, Not Just Contacts:

    • WorkOneer stands out by providing actual prices during the reverse auction, eliminating the need for tradesmen to visit and quote. This streamlined approach ensures transparency and efficiency.
  • Engagement and Accountability:

    • Unlike traditional find-a-tradesman services, WorkOneer actively involves both parties throughout the process, fostering engagement and reducing the likelihood of no-show appointments.
  • Client Empowerment:

    • Homeowners have access to comprehensive bid information and video profiles, enabling them to make informed decisions based on both pricing and the expertise of tradesmen.

WorkOneer is redefining the tradesmanship landscape, bringing efficiency, transparency, and fair competition to the construction industry.

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