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Empowering Visionaries, Fueling Innovation

OCAYE’s mission is to empower visionary individuals by providing the support and resources to turn groundbreaking app ideas into impactful ventures through app funding.

We exist to unlock your potential and help you succeed in building a better tomorrow

HOW WE DO IT? App Funding

Seed Funding

We provide early-stage founders with the crucial seed funding required to bring their ideas to life.


Our team of experts and mentors offers guidance and support to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.


We cultivate an ecosystem of like-minded innovators who collaborate, inspire, and drive one another to succeed.

For Funders

Catalyzing High-Risk, High-Reward Investment Opportunities
For funders seeking high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities, OCAYE presents a unique mission.
We are your gateway to investing in transformative projects that have the potential to disrupt industries and generate substantial returns
App Funding


Project Selection

We carefully identify and support projects with game-changing potential, ensuring they are well-positioned for success.


Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of innovative ideas, allowing you to diversify your investments and be part of multiple success stories.

Ongoing Support

OCAYE's commitment doesn't end with funding; we provide ongoing support and guidance to maximize the impact of your investment.

Our Shared APp Funding Vision

Our mission unites both founders and funders in a shared vision
To drive innovation, foster transformative ideas, and create lasting impact. By bridging the gap between vision and reality, we empower founders and offer funders unique investment opportunities. Together, we shape the future of innovation.

Join the OCAYE Community

Whether you’re a founder with a groundbreaking idea or a funder looking for impactful investment opportunities, OCAYE welcomes you to join our community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and contribute to a future filled with innovation and progress.
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