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Dive into the world of ‘App Funding’ and explore our latest projects that are transforming ideas into reality. Discover how OCAYE is empowering innovative ventures through strategic funding and support for app development.

App Funding

How It Works

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Steps With App Funding

Your Funding


Embark on your app funding journey, taking the first step to bring your app idea to life. Your contribution fuels the initial development of your app

Kickstart Your Project!

Your funding is where your app funding adventure begins, providing the financial spark to turn your app concept into a thriving reality.

Ocaye Funding


Unlock the potential of your app with Ocaye's app funding assistance. Our support ensures your project's financial stability.

Monthly Payment Options 12 to 24 Months to Fund Your App

Ocaye's funding options offer a flexible path to realizing your app dream, providing monthly payments for 12 to 24 months to fund your app.

Seed Funding


Seed funding initiates your app journey, providing essential resources to nurture your idea from concept to growth.

Planting the Seed Initial Funding to Grow Your App

Seed funding serves as the crucial foundation for your app's growth, supporting its evolution from inception to realization.

Series C Funding


Series C funding accelerates your app's growth, unlocking new opportunities and horizons for your project.

Taking it to the Next Level Funding for App Expansion

Series C funding fuels your app's journey toward exponential growth, opening doors to greater possibilities and expansion

Series B Funding

Series B funding empowers your app to scale to new heights, reaching a broader audience and market.

Accelerating Growth Investment for App Scaling.

Series B funding acts as the catalyst for accelerating your app's growth, enabling it to thrive and expand rapidly.

Series A Funding

Series A funding signifies the initial milestone in your app's funding journey, setting the stage for its future success.

Getting Started The First Round of App Funding

Series A funding is the foundation upon which your app's success is built, providing the initial investment to fuel its growth and innovation.

App Funding - Our Projects



Revolutionising how homeowners find tradesmen! WorkOneer’s reverse auction lets you create project videos, get actual prices, and collaborate seamlessly with the lowest bidder. Experience efficiency, fairness, and transparency in finding tradesmen. 



WebApp Choice: Your destination for app and web solutions. Choose a local project manager, request a quote, and have the power in your hands. Your project, your way.



Scribe: Your white-label app for gym trainers. Conduct remote training, engage clients, and bridge the gap. Bring the gym to your pocket with Scribe.



our Pets Transport: Redefining pet travel with a white-label app. Real-time tracking, secure payments, and stress-free journeys. Join the innovation in pet transportation.

TECH FUNDING - Driver Your Name


DRIVER "Your Name"

Driver Your Name: Elevate your ride experience in Bali. Your exclusive branded app, available on App Store and Google Play, invites tourists for tailored transport services. Revolutionize your connection with customers in Bali today!

Investing in Tech - Courier Dad



Courier Dad: Revolutionizing the courier industry. Independent drivers, personalized services, real-time tracking. Fostering innovation, supporting local businesses, and reshaping courier services with’s backing.

Tech Funding



Empower your removalist company with a custom-branded app. Tailor the experience to your brand, offer accurate video quoting, streamline bookings, and provide real-time updates for clients. Boost customer loyalty, stand out in the industry, and stay ahead with our scalable and secure white-label solution.

app funding

App Funding


Seed funding is the initial capital raised by startups to develop their business idea and validate its feasibility. It’s crucial because it provides the resources needed to kickstart the business and attract further investment.

Ocaye provides a platform where startups can present their innovative ideas and connect with potential investors who are interested in providing seed funding.

Startups typically need a well-defined business concept, a clear market opportunity, and a compelling pitch to attract seed funding through Ocaye.

Series A funding is the next stage of financing after seed funding and is used to scale a startup’s operations and expand its market reach. Startups usually pursue Series A funding when they have proven their concept and need additional capital to grow.

Startups should focus on demonstrating their product’s market fit, revenue growth, and customer acquisition strategy to attract Series A investors through Ocaye.

Ocaye acts as an intermediary, facilitating introductions between startups and Series A investors who are interested in funding innovative projects.

Series B funding is usually sought after a successful Series A round and is used to further scale and expand the business. It often comes at a higher valuation than Series A.

To attract Series B investors through Ocaye, startups should focus on demonstrating strong revenue growth, a sustainable business model, and a solid track record.

Ocaye assists startups in preparing for Series B funding by connecting them with experienced investors and offering guidance on their growth strategies.

Series C funding is aimed at further expanding a mature startup or company’s operations, often for global expansion, acquisitions, or preparation for an IPO. It typically follows Series A and Series B rounds.

To attract Series C investors through Ocaye, startups should demonstrate a strong market presence, substantial revenue, and a clear plan for scaling their business globally.

Ocaye leverages its network of investors and provides strategic guidance to help startups navigate the complexities of Series C funding, ensuring they are well-prepared for the process.

App Funding

Whether you’re a founder with a groundbreaking idea or a funder looking for impactful investment opportunities, OCAYE welcomes you to join our community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and contribute to a future filled with innovation and progress.
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